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Easy Ways to Clean Your Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring is indeed one of the most impressive floor designs; so much more if it is properly maintained. It adds character to your house and keeps your home look smart.

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Moreover, we have listed down some tips on how you can clean your parquet floors. Parquet is a highly sensitive material, that’s why it must be given constant care with its upkeep.

  1. Sweep it thoroughly and vacuum it to remove the dirt on the surface. You can also use special tissues in wiping your parquet floor.
  2. Warm water must be used in cleaning this kind of floor. Depending on when your floor is sealed or not, you can use ample amount of water in cleaning your floor. Although, in some cases, too much water can make your parquet wood suffer, since it is made of wood.
  3. Vinegar can be used to remove grime stains and greases. Mix a half cup of vinegar to 4-5L of water and apply to the area that has stains.
  4. If it is in its worse condition already, you might need to buy a special parquet color cleaner – but you should read the instructions carefully before applying it; make sure that it suits your floor.
  5. After cleaning, wipe it with desiccated cloth in order to dry off the wet areas, and excess water on your parquet floor.

TIPS for having a maintained parquet floor:

  1. Since it is wood, humidity, heat, and temperature can affect it in some ways. Set your room to 20°C, or use an electric humidifier to achieve the right humidity level.
  2. Use doormats on the entrance to wipe off dirt from your shoes first, before stepping onto the parquet floor.
  3. Use protective mats under your furniture to avoid scratches.
  4. Clean your floor regularly.
  5. Wipe liquid spills immediately.


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