A 5-level Home- Designed into a cliff!

Located in the mountain, around a construction of a road, tightly surrounded by a dense forest, and for an extreme snowboarder, this apartment is folded on five levels. The ground level comprises of a garage supporting a stone compartment for guest accommodations, with an aluminium window, a green roof and a lower elevation providing for… Continue reading

A Parisian Inspiring Crib Design

Located in Paris and with only 50 square meters as total space, this lovely apartment is folded in two parts and designed for a single owner. The greeting hall of this crib accommodates an open plan living and dining area surrounded by white walls and ceiling and consists of a comfortable sofa, a coffee table… Continue reading

A spectacular Attic Duplex reflecting future design

Located on Norrbackagatan, a picturesque street in Stockholm, Sweden, this apartment is folded on two levels. The ground floor of this loft accommodates the kitchen, one bedroom (another can be found upstairs), dining area, bathroom, and a lovely secluded home office; all surrounded with white walls and glassy glass windows allowing lots of light through,… Continue reading

A spacious Apartment with inspiring design

Located in One Hanson Place, a former savings bank tower and one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn, New York, USA, this apartment belongs to a couple longing for space, after three years in crowded Hong Kong to enjoy relaxing family and friends’ dwellings. Welcoming you in a hallway that opens to a living room… Continue reading

One Impeccable Sofa Design

Made up of repeated half oval forms and movable armrests, this sofa can serve different arrangements for seating positions and can work as an armchair and a chaise longue allowing people to face one another. Coming with a base, two back rests of different heights, turned-oak legs with solid brass or aluminium feet, variation in… Continue reading

10 of the Best Ideas for Eco-Friendly Designs

Reduce carbon effects without harshly affecting the design of the house of dreams to be built or remodelled by following these eco-friendly tips to better commune in the residence of dreams: 1. Relocation before property purchase For better use of solar energy, those in cooler climates can make large south-facing windows to allow maximum heat… Continue reading

Two Amazing Home Designs For Your Inspiration

1. A curvy form house in the UK with astonishing view This house is in Dorset in the United Kingdom located on a steep slope with several height levels, first and second floors viewing a harbour, the glass windows circling it extending view in all directions, and the house is within close proximity of eye… Continue reading

5 décor trends you have to try this year

With a new year, comes a new beginning. And now might be a great time for you to start revamping your home. You don’t need to put extreme efforts or spend huge tons of money. You just need to find the latest trends and incorporate them into your space for a stylish, most fashionable house… Continue reading