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What are the things you should consider when hiring a general contractor?

If you are a businessman and you want to build your own commercial building, or maybe if you’re just an individual who wants to build your own home, you should commit with a trustworthy and reliable contractor like us, Future Makers, to construct a safe, durable and long-lasting structures for you.

We are a leading general contracting and interior design company that operates in the UAE. We provide construction services, exterior design, and we work well with carpentry and steel projects. With our years of experience, we are proud to say that all our products and services are all of high-quality and we ensure that we will do our best as your general contractor.

Moreover, we will discuss below the qualities of a good contractor which you should look for in general contracting companies:


You should ask how contractors plan their project. Poor planning can lead to delays, troubles, reworks and overages. You should know if your contractors are keen enough on planning from which all the construction would start from.


Ask how do they design – is in-house, or do they have their own architect? Ask how qualified the designer is, so you would know if you can trust that person or not. Poor designs can result to structural, aesthetic, HVAC, and plumbing problems; that’s why the design is a very crucial part in the construction.


Ask about who stays in the sire all the time, is a project manager there? How does he handle the project? What does he do whenever problems occur? Poor management can give you problems regarding construction delays, quality, property damages and disorganized and hazardous job sites.

Customer Service

They should have a customer service agent who can update you on the progress and results of the construction. They must not leave you in so much stress and wonder about the on-goings in your construction project. Someone should at least call or e-mail you with updates.


You should research their profile, track records and maybe consumer complaints throughout their years of service. This is to ensure that you are working with a reliable and reputable company who will not give you problems during and after construction. And if they do have a bad record or a lot of consumer complaints in the past, you might as well think twice about hiring them.

License and Contract

You should look for their license before engaging with any verbal engagement; and if they have credible papers proving their expertise in contracting industry and you have agreed to work with them, make sure that they will give you a written and detailed contract that states about your settlement. This is just a tangible proof of record that you should keep with you, in case unexpected mishaps happen.

Luckily, we, Future Makers, possess all these qualities and verifications of a general contractor. If you work with us, we will be able to give you construction services that can ensure you that your structure will be made out of the best quality and the best workers in UAE.


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