A 5-level Home- Designed into a cliff!

Located in the mountain, around a construction of a road, tightly surrounded by a dense forest, and for an extreme snowboarder, this apartment is folded on five levels.

The ground level comprises of a garage supporting a stone compartment for guest accommodations, with an aluminium window, a green roof and a lower elevation providing for the most privacy and blending into the alpine landscape through an external stairs inserted into and against the exposed rock face.

Another internal stairs inserted also likewise takes you up to the remainder of the house which comprises of a fourth level glass enclosed compartment containing the living room, dining area and kitchen and projecting out over the green roof below, enjoying views of the landscape.

The long steel beams embedded 3′ directly into the rock make the compartment appears as if to float above the terrain, projected into the air underside of the cantilever clad in natural wooden planks and supported by the deck above the guest apartment.

While the top level contains the master suite with convex glass walls to allow maximum scenes and two additional bedrooms with a master bathroom and a master shower enjoying the greatest views of the house, also benefiting from the living room structure below as a large outdoor deck.

Carry on a similar five level mountain home apartment design filled with style and colour that takes the inhabitant in a constant journey into and out of the terrain from Future Makers in Abu Dhabi and live a smooth and harmonious transition between interiors and what entails a wholesome of living interaction.

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Source: http://www.designboom.com

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