A loft designed in staggering spiraling windows

Located in the heart of Osaka, this narrow site three story property features a spiral staircase that wraps around the interior of the home.

From the exterior, the structure is positioned on a busy street surrounded by other residential dwellings including the Yodo River, which passes near the house.

From the interior, without compromising privacy with external views of the neighbourhood, the living space from the kitchen and dining area, the timber stairway that connects the house to the property’s uppermost storey, the scheme is exposed to large staggered openings that offer sweeping external vistas, while simultaneously flooding the open volumes with natural light at day and illuminated at night.

Carry on a similar spiral window apartment design filled with innovative style, spacing and glamour from Future Makers in Abu Dhabi and live a smooth and harmonious transition between interiors and flooding views from exteriors in what entails a wholesome of artistic illuminating living interaction.


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