What Does Your House Style Say About You?

Natural and Adaptable

People who live in these homes appreciate things that are rugged, adaptable and economic in design as it is all about comfort that is organic and natural. People in natural and adaptable homes are practical and they seek convenience and efficiency. As the name suggests natural homes are designed and built to blend into the environment, so home owners focus on outdoor and indoor spaces and tend to make them work cohesively together.

Traditional and Iconic

This home style is one of the most popular styles sought out by families. It is functional and works well for a family, these houses are solid and stable, families love them as they are stable and organized. People who live in traditional and iconic houses are seen as solid, grounded, successful and sensible. They value tradition and shy away from modern designs as these home owners are into classic styles.

Quaint and simple

Casual and simple are the keywords here. People who live in these houses are seen as simple, practical unpretentious, casual and creative. These homes are favoured by young married couples, aiming for a romantic quality type of home.

Spanish style

Spanish style homes are colourful and welcoming so naturally they are all about entertainment, comfort and relaxation. Being welcoming in their nature, these houses are all about large outdoor spaces and patios for entertainment and they are general pleasant and casual. These beautiful houses feature fun colours, different textures and an overall cozy feel.


Cottage style homes are all about practicality and sizing down to live comfortably and in a cozy space. People who live in these homes are not really into keeping up with their neighbours or feel the need for competition, they prefer living in a charming practical space.

Artistic and High-Quality

People seeking to live artistic and high quality homes are down-to-earth, with simple yet strong designs. Usually artistic people are generally attracted to these homes, they tend to appreciate handmade products, high quality craftsmanship and slow design. These homes focus on the design, balance, harmony and contrast while they work together cohesively.


Contemporary homes emerged as city residents moved to the suburbs. These homes are simple yet different than any home designs they are a bit bigger and more modern. People attracted to this type of homes are unconventional they love new ideas and new energy while they aim to be cost conscious.

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