Tips and Tricks to Transform a Room

As designers, we do not really follow a secret rulebook. There are no rules to follow as we’re creative types by nature and we love to let our imagination run free and wild. However we did actually develop some guidelines that we adhere to, to execute an amazing design every time. So what we’ve done is narrowed down these guidelines to five tips that will transform any boring room into a creative and stimulating room.

Tip 1. Hold off the paint colour until last

Sure it would be best to move into a room with dried paint, but why not arrive to a fresh coat of paint? The reality is that there are heaps of paint colours with different tones; tints and shades that look quite different from one home to the other as many factors come to play. One of the most important factors is light sources, as they differ from home to home. When you’ve decided on the room’s furniture then you can pick the best paint colour that will complement things like your rug and artwork.

Tip 2: Don’t overcrowd the room

Don’t just throw in all your furniture into that room; give your furniture some space. Give yourself and your family room to move easily around your home. This is a great tip as you can focus spending your money on fewer pieces and save a few bucks while you are at it.

Tip 3: Arrange furniture on rug

While there is no particular rule on how to arrange furniture on your rug, we’ve taken the initiative to provide you with 3 ways to place furniture on a rug.
1. Put all the furniture legs on the rug if it is large enough.
2. Keep the furniture legs off the rug if you’ve got a small room.
3. Tie the arrangement together by placing just the front legs of your seating pieces on the rug.

Tip 4: Don’t get over excited on a theme

Although popular themes maybe beautiful, but they’ve become so popular to the point where it’s been done so many times that it lacks individuality. Instead pick a more subtle theme that gives out the vibe you would like through palette, artwork and materials that do not necessarily have to be so cliché.

Tip 5: Add layer of lighting

Lighting can take a room from being a super dull room to a vavavoom room. So switch in the old one lighting fixture design in your room for a more dramatic result with multiple lightings to create a focal point that captures attention. Building layers of light creates interest and intrigue in a room. Using ambient lighting with a bit of lower lighting will highlight the room’s focal point.

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